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Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a health care policy for your pet that reimburses you for certain medical expenses. In the event of a surprise accident or illness, having a pet insurance plan can protect your finances. Pet health insurance has its limitations, so you should read the fine print on your policy to confirm your coverage. Stonewater Veterinary Hospital does not endorse any specific Insurance company. The following links on popular insurance companies are for informational purposes only.

We highly recommend pet insurance. Please note that we do not process pet insurance. Pet owners are responsible for purchasing it on their own, saving the receipt after they pay, and getting reimbursed. Stonewater Veterinary Hospital does not handle the insurance process at all.

FAQs About Pet Health Insurance

Is pet health insurance like having an HMO?
No. With most insurance providers, you are able to see any licensed veterinarian, rather than being limited to only a few veterinarians within the insurance company’s network. Also, you as the pet owner pay the veterinary bill at the time of service, rather than making a co-payment. You, rather than the health care provider, then submit the claim and the insurance provider pays you.
When is the best time to buy health insurance for my pet? Isn’t it better to wait until he’s older or has a health problem?
The best time to purchase health insurance for your pet is when it is still a puppy or kitten. You can still purchase policies later in life, but your coverage might be limited by “preexisting” conditions your pet develops before the policy is effective. What you do not want to do is wait until your pet is sick and really needs the insurance. At that point, the current illness will not be covered.
Is submitting claims a complicated process?

Reputable pet health insurance providers should have an easy claim process. This usually consists of taking a copy of your claim form with you to an office visit, having your veterinarian provide your pet’s diagnosis and sign the form, then submitting the completed claim form to the insurance provider along with supporting receipts and invoices.

Questions to ask your insurance provider:
  • What exactly does the policy cover? What do I expect/want it to cover?
  • Will I be able to afford the monthly premium, deductible, and required copay?
  • Is there coverage (and how much) for chronic, hereditary, or preexisting conditions?
  • Are there policies for preventive care, and are they worth paying the additional premium?
  • Are there any types of accidents, illnesses, or other health problems that are not covered?
  • How are claims submitted and how long does it take to get reimbursed?
  • How is reimbursement determined?
  • Does the policy pay up to a certain amount based on “usual and customary fees” and are these amounts in line with what my veterinarian actually charges?
  • How does the provider handle renewals? For example, if your pet develops a chronic condition over the
    course of the year, will it be considered a preexisting condition when the policy is up for renewal?
  • Are there any exclusions for pets of a particular species, breed, or age?